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                                   Our Fees   

    Our fees, which are agreed with our clients prior to the transactions are fair and competitive and in accordance with the guidelines laid down for minimum scales as recommended by our respective professional bodies: Law Bar Association and Gestores Administrativos professional College. We will always make sound economic decisions on behalf of our clients and offer cost effective alternatives where feasible.  We always have our client’s best interests at heart and saving them money is something we pride ourselves on doing.                             

     With regards to Conveyance processes we work over flat fees billing (all included)  not a percentage of the purchase or selling Price.  

    Our commitment  to our client ensures that conveyance fees will be previously fixed on a “Attorney-client flat fee contract” and consequently no hidden legal cost may occur thereby ensuring that the client is aware from the outset what the end price is going to be.


    The range of fees may vary depending on the type of estate, not on its price. The principle behind this way of charging is based on the time-of-work involved in this transaction. We feel that it is not fair to charge the same fees for properties which require less work and less time. Likewise we consider that the estate price has nothing to do with the amount of work required.    


        Pricing per hour or consultancy: 50 € (Please note that the first consultation is free)

         Wills 150 € per will  




" Our dream was to find a nice cottage in Spain.
It was a huge search by rules and laws.
With the help and knowledge of Guadalupe we can already enjoy our place in the sun".


  Marcus Van Loy and Hilde Schools 



" I have had the need to use the services of Lupe Vila on several occasions in recent years, both for run of the mill legal matters and for emergencies.   I have without fail, found her to be extremely, professional, helpful and accommodating.


  Due to her excellent command of English and her warm and approachable manner, I find I can talk to her in depth about any concerns I may have regarding legal matters here in Spain and she in return will explain even the most complicated situation to me in a clear and precise manner, until I totally understand it. 


  Lupe is one of those rare professionals, who not only knows what they are talking about, but, has a heart as well! She can be relied upon to go the extra mile for her clients if needed and I for one, have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her and her team".



  Jaine Thorne

  United Kingdom



  "Lupe is a very friendly person and approachable. She will always find a solution for any problems that may arise, and is very thorough in everything she does. Her attention to detail is exemplary and her legal knowledge has been invaluable to us.


   We would highly recommend Lupe to anyone"


  Mike and Diane Chase                                                                                                      

  United Kingdom



"Great English speaking lawyer who understands the clash of cultures and the frustrations for expats. Property and Tax issues are her forte but also takes on any attempted rip offs by companies or the establishment. 


Thoroughly recommended."


 John Lownsborough

 United Kingdom  Valencia (SPAIN)                                          






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