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English-Speaking Gestoria, we deal with all types of paperwork and Administrative matters in Spain.


We differ from other legal firms by dealing  with gestoria´s paperwork  considered "minor", which can cause, however, true headaches due to the intricate of  the Spanish bureaucracy. 


Delivered by a professional, ethical and trustworthy team who will deal with all your legal, technical or administration needs in your own language. 


As you will most probably already know, it is strongly recommended that when in Spain, it is essential to employ a reliable and professional “gestor" to deal with legal matters, due to the intricate system of Spanish Administration which is very complicated and confusing, even for the Spanish people.


Without expert advice, even the most basic administrative task can become a never-ending nightmare.  


Andrea Canet form GESTORIA VILA confidently and efficiently deals with a vast range of matters, which can include anything from registering or  transferring vehicle  ownership, preparing appeals to administrative bodies and from fiscal matters to accounting.    


Moreover, unlike other legal firms, all the paperwork normally associated with a Gestoria i.e NIE numbers, Residence, banking, vehicle licences, traffic fines, administrative appeals, consumer rights, utilities, insurance, telephone  contracts, in fact, everything you need to have when living in Spain is also completed by us, without the need to leave the office. 




You´ll find  bellow the MOST COMMON GESTORIA SERVICES demanded by our overseas clients:




- Administrative Reports to find out a vehicle ownership and burdens or encumbrances

- Spanish vehicle registration

- Vehicle resignation for scrapping & collecting vehicles free service

- Car domicile change 

- Title reservation cancelling

- Vehicles Technical Reports

- Historic vehicle legalisation

- Cars Laboratory

- Green Plates

- Car Import/Export

- Changing foreign plates into Spanish

- Car documentation duplicates




- Change a foreing driving license into Spanish

- Driving license duplicate by loss, theft or deterioration 




- Traffic fines appeal


IV.- Other PERSONAL GESTORIA SERVICES ( Your personal gestor)


- Vehicle´s purchase advise: We can go along with you to purchase a car where you choose 

-  ITV personal service: we can collect your car for ITV

-  Crane service





NIE.-  is the foreigners’ identification number in Spain.

It is required for purchasing or selling a real estate or a vehicle in Spain.


The most of procedures in Spain require getting the Nie number.


We assist you in obtaining the Nie number in person or by means of power of Attorney, in which case we can get the Nie in your behalf.



 RESIDENCE IN SPAIN. - Similarly, if you are an EU citizen we can obtain your residence in a short term. You just need to instruct us and we will work in your matter immediately.


We can also assist you in getting the Residency permit if you are a non-EU citizen






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